The Scholastic Media and Technology distribution business is closed. Please direct your enquiries to our brands new distributors.

Armourcard - MacGear
Aspera - Roadhound
AVID - Sound and Music
Bluelounge - MacGear
Complete Technology - CTS Melbourne
Corel - Aquion, Mindscape
Griffin - Cellnet
Greensmart - vendor closed
Gripcase - MacGear
Kaiser Baas - Exeed
Kanex - No Appointment to date
Logitech - Ingram Micro
Maclocks - Ingram Micro
Livescribe - MacGear
Nuance - Dicker Data, Mindscape
Nuance Healthcare - Nuance Healthcare Direct
Quark - Cherri International, Mindscape
Sakar - Powermove Distribution
Schatzii - No Appointment to date
Shutterball - No Appointment to date
Trident - No Appointment to date
Wacom - Ingram Micro

For any existing order enquiries please contact