Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in charge of selecting the books?
Our editorial manager, Belinda Bolliger, selects the books. Belinda has worked in children's publishing for over twenty years with companies such as Hachette, ABC Books and HarperCollins.

Where do the selections come from?
Publishers from all around Australia submit manuscripts and proof copies for review up to six months prior to publication. All publishers, including Scholastic, are subject to the same rigorous review process. This process allows us to choose the latest and best titles for you and your students.

Can I order extra copies of a title?
Yes, we can organise extra copies. Please ring or email Customer Service and we will take care of this for you.

How do I get extra copies of the Teacher Notes?
You can now download and print the current year's Teacher Notes from the website (see ('Teacher Notes'). If you are an ASO subscription customer, you can also access, download and print Teacher Notes from the past few years. Our search mechanism allows you to search by keyword, author or illustrator, as well as by year and month.

ASO will happily exchange or credit any book that you find unsuitable for any reason.
Please call us on 1800 621 283.

Instructions for returning books accompany each consignment to non-subscribers.
For further information, please call us on 1800 621 283.

Do the books in the ASO selections have SCIS (Schools Catalogue Information Service) numbers?
Yes, they do. ASO applies for SCIS numbers once title selections for each month are complete. SCIS was created with the aim of providing schools with access to a database of consistent catalogue records created according to agreed national standards, in order to reduce the cost and duplication of effort of cataloguing resources in schools. For more of information please visit the SCIS website:

Why do some of the books have a Lexile Level?
The Lexile Framework is a scientific approach to reading and text measurement. It includes the Lexile measure and the Lexile scale. The Lexile measure is a reading ability or text difficulty score followed by an 'L' (eg '850L'). The Lexile scale is a developmental scale for reading ranging from 200L for beginning readers to above 1700L for advanced text. Once you have a student's Lexile measure, you can match them to thousands of books to find material targeted to the student's reading level. We have noted Lexile Levels for ASO selections where one is available.

How do I pay for my Standing Orders?
You can pay by cheque or EFT. Please go to 'Contact Us' for more information about payment details.

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